• Chilly Paneer12.99 $

(Dry/Semi Gravy/Gravy)
Diced paneer tossed with ginger garlic, cubed
onion, peppers and homemade sauce.

chilli paneer
  • Veg Manchurian13.99 $

(12 pcs Dry/Semi Gravy/Gravy)
Homemade Mix veg. balls tossed with ginger
garlic, cubed peppers and onions and
manchurian sauce.

veg manchurian gravy_black BG
  • Vegetable spring roll's9.99 $

Mixed julienne veg wrapped in wonton
sheets served with cilantro chili sauce

spring rolls
  • Honey chilli potatoes10.99 $

Crispy potato wedges tossed with ginger garlic
fresh onion pepper and honey chili sauce. 

honey chilli potatoes
  • Paneer noodle burger9.99 $

Deep fried paneer patty service on burger
bun, onion, tomatoes, slaw topped with
schezwan noodles and served with side fries

chix noodle burger)black BG
  • Schezwan cauliflower bites9.99 $

Crispy battered cauliflower florets tossed in

spring rolls
  • Veg manchurian on bun9.99 $

Homemade Manchurian balls tossed in
Manchurian gravy served on sub bun
topped with chili coleslaw.

manch sub_black BG